Australian Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera): redescription of the named species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1997
Authors:R. J. B. Hoare, Johansson, R., van Nieukerken, E. J., Nielsen, E. S.
Journal:Entomologica Scandinavica
Date Published:1997-03
Keywords:Australia, Lepidoptera, Nepticula endocapna, Nepticula leucargyra, Nepticula phyllanthina, Nepticula symmora, Nepticula trepida, Nepticula warburtonensis, Nepticulidae, Pectinivalva, Pectinivalva anazona, Pectinivalva caenodora, Pectinivalva chalcitis, Pectinivalva commoni, Pectinivalva commoni group, Pectinivalva endocapna, Pectinivalva funeralis, Pectinivalva funeralis group, Pectinivalva gilva, Pectinivalva libera, Pectinivalva melanotis, Pectinivalva planetis, Pectinivalva primigena, Pectinivalva trepida, Pectinivalva warburtonensis, Stigmella, Stigmella leucargyra, Stigmella phyllanthina, Stigmella symmora

The named Australian species of Nepticulidae are redescribed and illustrated. The genitalia of all but one species are described and illustrated, in most cases for the first time. Of the 16 species treated, 13 belong to the probably endemic genus Pectinivalva Scoble: P. caenodora (Meyrick), P. chalcitis (Meyrick), P. commoni Scoble, P. endocapna (Meyrick), P. gilva (Meyrick), P. melanotis (Meyrick), P. anazona (Meyrick), P. funeralis (Meyrick), P. libera (Meyrick), P. planetis (Meyrick), P. primigena (Meyrick), P. trepida (Meyrick) and P warburtonensis (Wilson). The remaining three are referable to the worldwide genus Stigmella Schrank: S. leucargyra (Meyrick), S. phyllanthina (Meyrick) and S. symmora (Meyrick). Pectinivalva is provisionally split into two informal species groups (the 'commoni' group and the 'funeralis' group), and a diagnosis is provided for these. Brief details of biology are given where known.

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