A checklist of the moths of Alaska

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:C. D. Ferris, Kruse, J. J., Lafontaine, J. D., Philip, K. W., Schmidt, B. C., Sikes, D. S.
Date Published:2012-12-04
Keywords:Alaska, Country checklist, Ectoedemia occultella, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, USA

This article represents the first published complete checklist of the moth taxa, resident and occasional, recorded to datefor Alaska. Seven-hundred and ten species are listed. General species distribution ranges within the state are included.Three North American records are listed for the first time: Cydia cornucopiae (Tengström); Eucosma hohenwartiana ([D.& S.]); Acronicta menyanthidis (Vieweg).

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