A century plus of fossil insects

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:E. A. Jarzembowski
Journal:Proceedings of the Geologists' Association
ISBN Number:0016-7878
Keywords:fossil, Great Britain, Leafmines, Stigmellites centennis, Stigmellites gossi

Progress in palaeoentomology is reviewed since Goss (1878–80) with special reference to the British fauna and including the geological histories of the major insect and hexapod groups and of social insects. Other types of information provided by insect remains including environment, adaptation and stratigraphy are briefly discussed. A selected bibliography is provided (including all references to fossil insects in the Proceedings) and some hopes expressed for future work. Two lepidopteran leaf mines are named, Stigmellites? gossi and S.? centennis spp. nov. and a new insect ichnotaxon, Foliofossor cranei ichnogen. et sp. nov. is described.

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