Description of Ectoedemia spiraeae (Gregor & Povolny, 1955) and designation of type specimens of Lithocolletis desertella Gregor & Povolny, 1949

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1983
Authors:F. Gregor, Povolny D.
Journal:Casopis Moravského Musea v Brne (Vedy prírodní)
Keywords:Czechoslovakia, Ectoedemia angulifasciella, Ectoedemia spiraeae, gracillariidae, Lithocolletis desertella, Nepticulidae, New species, Phyllononorycter desertella, Phyllononorycter staintoniella, Slovakia, Spiraea media, Systematics

Ectoedemia-angulifasciella ( Stainton-1849 ) ( Gracillariidae- ) : Diagnostic-characters, To-distinguish-from-E.-spiraeae- ( Gregor-and-Povolny-1955- ) , p.-174; Ectoedemia-spiraeae ( Gregor-and-Povolny-1955- ) ( Gracillariidae- ) : Diagnostic-characters, To-distinguish-from-E.-angulifasciella- ( Stainton-1849 ) , p.-174, Description-, P.-174, Comb-nov, Transferred-from, Stigmella-, p.-174; Lithocolletis-desertella-Gregor-and-Povolny-1949 ( Gracillariidae- ) : Lectotype-designated, P.-178; Stigmella-spiraeae-Gregor-and-Povolny-1955 ( Gracillariidae- ) : Neotype-designated, P.-177, Referred-to, Ectoedemia-, p.-174

Short Title:Cas. Morav. Mus. Brne (V. Prir.)
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