Generic revision of the Opostegidae, with a synoptic catalogue of the world's species (Lepidoptera: Nepticuloidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:D. R. Davis
Journal:Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Keywords:Bucculatrix centrospila, Eosopostega, Eosopostega issikii, Leucoptera phaeopasta, Lyonetia leucoprepes, Notiopostega, Notiopostega atrata, Opostega, Opostega acidata, Opostega afghani, Opostega basilissa, Opostega bistrigulella, Opostega callosa, Opostega centrospila, Opostega chalcoplethes, Opostega cretea, Opostega dives, Opostega epistolaris, Opostega filiforma, Opostega frigida, Opostega gephyraea, Opostega ishnophaea, Opostega leucoprepes, Opostega maculata, Opostega menthinella, Opostega microlepta, Opostega nonstrigella, Opostega peleana, Opostega phaeopasta, Opostega serpentina, Opostega spatulella, Opostega stiriella, Opostega tetroa, Opostega trinidadensis, Opostega venticola, Opostegidae, Opostegoides gephyraea, Opostegoides malaysiensis, Opostegoides menthinella, Paralopostega, Paralopostega callosa, Paralopostega dives, Paralopostega filiforma, Paralopostega maculata, Paralopostega peleana, Paralopostega serpentina, Petasobathra ishnophaea, Pseudopostega

Larval, pupal, and adult morphology, biogeography, and generic classification of the monotrysian family Opostegidae are reviewed. Three new genera Notiopostega, Eosopostega, and Paralopostega are proposed, and the former subgenus Pseudopostega Kozlov is raised to generic status. Also described for the first time arefour new species, Notiopostega atrata from Chile, Eosopostega issikii from Japan, Opostegoides malaysiensis from Malaysia, and Opostega afghani from Afghanistan. A synoptic catalog listing 106 specific names grouped under the above six genera is also included. Information relating to the type, type locality, and general collecting data is provided for each name. The text is supplemented by numerous SEM photographs and line drawings of larval, pupal, and adult morphological structures.

Short Title:Smithson. Contr. Zool.
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