Japanese species of the genus Stigmella (Nepticulidae: Lepidoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1985
Authors:T. C. M. Kemperman, Wilkinson, C., Kuroko, H., Kumata, T.
Journal:Insecta Matsumurana
Date Published:1985-10
Keywords:Japan, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, New species, Quercus, Stigmella, Stigmella acrochaetia, Stigmella aladina, Stigmella alaurulenta, Stigmella alikurokoi, Stigmella aurella group, Stigmella betulicola, Stigmella boehmeriae, Stigmella caesurifasciella, Stigmella castanopsiella, Stigmella cathepostis, Stigmella chaenomelae, Stigmella chrysopteralla, Stigmella clisiotophora, Stigmella conchyliata, Stigmella dentatae, Stigmella egonokii, Stigmella egregilustrata, Stigmella fumida, Stigmella gimmonella, Stigmella honshui, Stigmella ichigoiella, Stigmella japonica, Stigmella kumatai, Stigmella kurokoi, Stigmella kurotsubarai, Stigmella lediella, Stigmella monella, Stigmella nakamurai, Stigmella nireae, Stigmella oa, Stigmella omelkoi, Stigmella oplismeniella, Stigmella orientalis, Stigmella populnea, Stigmella pulla, Stigmella quercifaga, Stigmella sesplicata, Stigmella sorbivora, Stigmella spiculifera, Stigmella titivillitia, Stigmella tranocrossa, Stigmella ultima, Stigmella valvaurigemmata, Stigmella vittata, Stigmella zelkoviella, Stigmella zumii

A revision of the Japanese species of leaf-mining microlepidoptera in the family Nepticulidae is in progress for the first time. This publication comprises the genus Stigmella Schrank. Descriptions, diagnoses and bibliographies are given for 40 species, 37 of which are new. As far as possible the taxa have been compared with the known species from the western Palaearctic and Nearctic regions. The genus in Japan has been divided into 10 species-groups. The information given on biology and life-histories has been collated from rearing records, label data and herbaria. Pre-existing types have been examined and 37 holotypes have been designated. The genitalia of the adults demonstrate major diagnostic features and were essential in providing identification keys. The proposed groups were defined mainly on these structures. Wherever possible the host-plant associations are given and the mining habits of the larvae are discussed.

Short Title:Insecta Matsumurana
Taxonomic name: 
Nepticulidae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella acrochaetia (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella aladina (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella alaurulenta (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella alikurokoi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella aurella group (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella betulicola (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella boehmeriae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella caesurifasciella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella castanopsiella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella cathepostis (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella chaenomelae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella clisiotophora (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella conchyliata (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella dentatae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella egonokii (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella egregilustrata (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella fumida (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella gimmonella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella honshui (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella ichigoiella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella japonica (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella kumatai (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella kurokoi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella kurotsubarai (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella lediella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella monella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella nakamurai (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella nireae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella oa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella omelkoi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella oplismeniella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella orientalis (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella populnea (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella pulla (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella quercifaga (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella sesplicata (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella sorbivora (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella spiculifera (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella titivillitia (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella tranocrossa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella ultima (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella valvaurigemmata (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella vittata (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella zelkoviella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella zumii (Nepticuloidea)
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