Lepidoptera : annotated catalogue, and keys to family-group taxa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1988
Authors:J. S. Dugdale
Journal:Fauna of New Zealand
Date Published:1988
ISBN Number:0477025188
Call Number:Lepidoptera

This annotated synonymic catalogue represents an attempt to verify and define nomenclaturally the species of Lepidoptera recorded from New Zealand since 1769. It is based on a thorough re-examination of type material and recorded data. Types of nearly all nominal species held by overseas institutions were examined during 1980-81. Of the 2150 published names, type specimens of about 1570 (73%) are in the Northern Hemisphere; over 1460 of these (68%) are at the British Museum (Natural History). The 1761 recognised species are assigned to modern family-group concepts, and are listed under superfamilies, which are placed in 'systematic' sequence. Within each superfamily, all subordinate taxa are listed alphabetically. Synonyms are listed in date order. For each species and synonym, basic nomenclatural data concerning the type locality, collector, type status, condition of specimens (if noteworthy), and repository are given. Where relevant, species are cross-referenced to G.V. Hudson's illustrated monographic works. References are also given, as appropriate, to genitalia descriptions by A. Philpott and to first records of adventive species. Any additional remarks are given under 'Notes' for a taxon entry. Names are proposed for three misidentified species, i.e., for which invalid concepts of previously described species have entered current usage: Dumbletonius sylvicola for Trioxycanus enysii (not of Butler); Heterocrossa rubophaga for H. adreptella (not of Walker); and Stathmopoda horticola for S. skelloni (not of Butler). Brief introductory sections outline the history of study, classification, and composition of New Zealand's lepidopteran fauna. Keys to superfamilies, families, and (where possible) subfamilies are presented, with illustrations of diagnostic features. There is also a key to the brachypterous Lepidoptera. These keys conform to the New Zealand situation; any wider relevance is coincidental. The 69 species reported from the Kermadec Islands are excluded from the main catalogue, but are listed in an appendix. There are over 700 references.

Short Title:Lepidoptera
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