Useful Links

Some useful links to other pages that show Nepticuloidea or other leafmining Lepidoptera


Catalogue of life Nepticuloidea

Global taxonomic database of Gracillariidae


Leafminers and plant galls of Europe

     This site is organised by hostplant genus, with keys to the leafmines.

Identification of Central European Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae    in German/auf Deutsch

     Very good for most Lepidoptera, but still poor in photos of Nepticuloidea

North America:


       BugGuide has more photos and often more recent identifications than the next site.

Moths photographers group    This shows the first species, scroll further by clicking "Next Plate"

       Mainly photos of adults, for Nepticuloidea still rather poor

BugTracks, blog by Charley Eiseman about all sorts of miners and alike

      Nice blog with many new discoveries.

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