Nepticulidae of southern Africa: a taxonomic revision of the genus Stigmella Schrank (Lepidoptera: Monotrysia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1978
Authors:M. J. Scoble
Journal:Annals of the Transvaal Museum
Date Published:1978-11-30
Keywords:Leafmines, Lepidoptera, Namibia, Nepticula abachausi, Nepticula fluida, Nepticula ingens, Nepticula irrorata, Nepticula nigrata, Nepticula perplexa, Nepticula porphyreuta, Nepticula protosema, Nepticula urbica, Nepticulidae, New species, South Africa, Stigmella, Stigmella abachausi, Stigmella abutilonica, Stigmella allophylica, Stigmella ampullata, Stigmella androflavus, Stigmella angustivalva, Stigmella confinalis, Stigmella crotonica, Stigmella dombeyivora, Stigmella fluida, Stigmella generalis, Stigmella geranica, Stigmella grewiae, Stigmella hortorum, Stigmella ingens, Stigmella irrorata, Stigmella letabensis, Stigmella nigrata, Stigmella perplexa, Stigmella porphyreuta, Stigmella potgieteri, Stigmella pretoriata, Stigmella protosema, Stigmella satarensis, Stigmella Schrank, Stigmella tragilis, Stigmella triumfettica, Stigmella urbica, Stigmella varii, Stigmella worcesteri, Zimbabwe

Thirty-four species of the leaf-mining genus Stigmella, of . which 20 are new, areincluded in this revision; the species fall into two species groups. The primary type ofeach species was examined. Generic names of nine species are recombined withStigmella; five lectotypes are designated. ,A key to the males is presented; taxonomiccharacters used in the descriptions are evaluated. Notes on the biology of those specicsfor which such information is available are documented

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