Untersuchung der Genitalien bei Pyrausta purpuralis L. und P. ostrinalis Hb., nebst Beschreibung 11 neuer Microlepidopteren-Arten

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1936
Authors:S. Toll
Journal:Annales Musei Zoologici Polonici
Pagination:401-413, pls. 47-49
Date Published:1936-11-28
Keywords:Ectoedemia atricollis, Ectoedemia heringi, Lepidoptera, Nepticula malivora, Nepticula quercifoliae, Nepticula suberosella, Nepticulidae, New species, Poland, Stigmella lemniscella, Trifurcula incognitella, Trifurcula pallidella, Ukraine

Trifurcula incognitella, nepticula suberosella, N. quercifoliae, N. malivora spp. n.

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