Descriptions of New Zealand Micro-Lepidoptera

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1889
Authors:E. Meyrick
Journal:Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute
Date Published:1889-05
Keywords:Lepidoptera, Nepticula ogygia, Nepticula propalaea, Nepticula tricentra, Nepticulidae, New species, New Zealand, Stigmella ogygia, Stigmella propalaea, Stigmella tricentra

50. Nept. tricentra, n. sp.9 . 6mm. Head and palpi grey-whitish. Antenna, thorax, and abdomen grey. Legs dark grey, apex of joints whitish. Forewings lanceolate ; pale grey, irrorated with darker ; two or three small round black dots in an irregular longitudinal series towards middle of disc: cilia light grey. Hindwiilgs and cilia light grey.Christchurch, in March ; one specimen.51. Nept. ogygya. sp.$ . 7mm. Head and palpi pale whitish-ochreous. Antenna grey. Thorax and abdomen grey, sprinkled with .ochreous-whitish. Legs dark grey, apex of joints whitish.Forewings lanceolate; pale grey, coarsely irrorated with black; an obscure cloudy ochreous-whitish suffusion towards costa at 3; an obscurely-indicated pale spot in disc before middle : cilia whitish-ochreous-grey, with an obscure line of dark scales round apex. Hindwings and cilia light grey.Dunedin, in January ; one specimen.52. Nept. propalaea, n. sp.9 . 7mm. Head, palpi, antenace, and thorax whitishochreous, Abdomen light grey. Legs whitish-ochreous, anterior pair infuscated. Forewings lanceolate; whitish-ochreous, obscurely irrorated with brownish ; a dark fuscous dot on fold at 3, a second in disc before middle, and a third irnmediately before apex : cilia whitish-ochreous. Hindwings light grey ; cilia whitish-ochreous-grey.Arthur's Pass (3,000 ft.), in January ; one specimen.

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