The Lepidoptera collections of deceased Portuguese entomologists. II

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:M. F. V. Corley
Journal:Entomologist's Gazette
Keywords:biography, deleted records, Faunistics, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, Portugal, Stigmella anomalella, Stigmella viscerella

In an earlier work, numerous changes to the Portuguese Lepidoptera list resulted from the study of museum and other old collections (Corley, 2008). Since then, further work has produced many additional changes. Ninety-three species can be deleted from the fauna because they are based on misidentifications or are otherwise doubtful; 35 species were previously listed from Portugal based on misidentified material, but the species are retained because there are later correctly identified records to replace them; 12 species are added to the fauna which have never been recorded before; 22 species that have never been re-found by recent workers are confirmed from old specimens.

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