New Neotropical Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera) from the western Amazonian rainforest and the Andes of Ecuador

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:R. Puplesis, Diškus, A., Robinson, G. S.
Journal:Bulletin of the Natural History Museum London. Entomology
Date Published:2002-06-27
Keywords:Acalyptris, Acalyptris amazonius, Acalyptris articulosus, Acalyptris basihastatus, Acalyptris ecuadoriana, Acalyptris insolentis, Acalyptris onorei, Acalyptris pseudohastatus, Acalyptris rotundus, Ecuador, Enteucha, Enteucha acuta, Enteucha guajavae, Fomoria, Fomoria repanda, Fomoria tabulosa, Lepidoptera, Neotropics, Nepticulidae, New species, Stigmella, Stigmella austroamericana, Stigmella montanotropica, Stigmella nubimontana, Stigmella rubeta

Fieldwork in 2000-2001 in the upper Amazon basin and the Andes (Ecuador) has yielded 16 new species of Nepticulidae, described here. Four genera are represented: Enteucha Meyrick (two species: E. acuta. E. guajavae), Stigmella Schrank (four species: S. montanotropica, S. nubimontana, S. rubeta, S. austroamericand), Fomoria Beime (two species: F. repanda, F. tabulosa) and Acalyptris Meyrick (8 species: A. ecuadoriana, A. onorei, A. basihastatus, A. pseudohastatus, A. articulosus, A. rotundas. A. amazonius, A. insolentis); the authors of all new taxa are Puplesis & Diskus. Larvae have been reared from three genera of different plant families: Psidium (Myrtaceae), Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae) and Rubus (Rosaceae). The adult moths of all 16 species treated are illustrated in black and white, with line drawings of genitalia and. for four species, drawings of leaf-mines.

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