New species of moths of the superfamily Tineina from Florida

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1900
Authors:A. Busck
Journal:Proceedings of the United States National Museum
Pagination:225-254, pl. 1
Date Published:1900-10-15
Keywords:Antispila eugeniella, Cemiostomidae, Coptodisca condaliae, Florida, heliozelidae, Lepidoptera, Leucoptera, Lyonetiidae, Microlepidoptera, Nearctic, Nepticula condaliafoliella, Nepticula myricafoliella, Nepticulidae, New species, Stigmella condaliafoliella, Stigmella myricafoliella, USA
Short Title:Proc. U. S. Natl. Mus.
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