Obzor fauny moleï-malyutok roda Obrussa Braun SSSR i opisanie 4 novykh vidov Obrussa capesella sp. n., O. tigrinella sp. n., O. peterseni sp. n., O. sabina sp. n. [Review of nepticulid moths fauna of the Obrussa Braun g

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1985
Authors:R. Puplesis, Ivinskis P.
Journal:Trudy Akademii Nauk Litovskoï SSR Seriya C
Keywords:Ectoedemia capesella, Ectoedemia peterseni, Ectoedemia sabina, Ectoedemia sericopeza, Ectoedemia tigrinella, Etainia, Lepidoptera, Lithuania, Nepticulidae, New species, Obrussa, Obrussa capesella, Obrussa peterseni, Obrussa sabina, Obrussa tigrinella, Primorye, Russia

Obrussa-Braun-1915 ( Nepticulidae- ) : Key-to-species, USSR-, External-morphology-and-male-genitalia, p.-37;Obrussa-capesella-Puplesis-1985 ( Nepticulidae- ) : Sp-nov, Russian-SFSR, P.-39, fig'd;Obrussa-peterseni-Puplesis-1985 ( Nepticulidae- ) : Sp-nov, Russian-SFSR, P.-41, fig'd;Obrussa-sabina-Puplesis-1985 ( Nepticulidae- ) : Sp-nov, Russian-SFSR, P.-43, fig'd;Obrussa-sericopeza ( Z.- ) ( Nepticulidae- ) : Redescription-, P.-38;Obrussa-tigrinella-Puplesis-1985 ( Nepticulidae- ) : Sp-nov, Russian-SFSR, P.-40, fig'd

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