Pigmy moths (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae) from the Middle Volga Basin

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:A. V. Mishchenko
Journal:Entomological Review
Date Published:2013/08/01
ISBN Number:0013-8738
Keywords:Bohemannia pulverosella, Ectoedemia albifasciella, Ectoedemia arcuatella, Ectoedemia argyropeza, Ectoedemia atricollis, Ectoedemia hannoverella, Ectoedemia liebwerdella, Ectoedemia longicaudella, Ectoedemia occultella, Ectoedemia rubivora, Ectoedemia septembrella, Ectoedemia sericopeza, Ectoedemia spinosella, Ectoedemia subbimaculella, Ectoedemia turbidella, Ectoedemia weaveri, Nepticulidae, Russia, Stigmella aceris, Stigmella aeneofasciella, Stigmella assimilella, Stigmella basiguttella, Stigmella betulicola, Stigmella catharticella, Stigmella floslactella, Stigmella freyella, Stigmella glutinosae, Stigmella hybnerella, Stigmella incognitella, Stigmella lapponica, Stigmella lemniscella, Stigmella lonicerarum, Stigmella luteella, Stigmella magdalenae, Stigmella malella, Stigmella microtheriella, Stigmella naturnella, Stigmella nivenburgensis, Stigmella nylandriella, Stigmella obliquella, Stigmella oxyacanthella, Stigmella paradoxa, Stigmella perpygmaeella, Stigmella plagicolella, Stigmella prunetorum, Stigmella roborella, Stigmella rolandi, Stigmella salicis, Stigmella samiatella, Stigmella sorbi, Stigmella splendidissimella, Stigmella thuringiaca, Stigmella tiliae, Stigmella trimaculella, Stigmella zelleriella, Trifurcula chamaecytisi, Trifurcula pallidella, Trifurcula silviae

Fifty-seven species of the family Nepticulidae were found in the Middle Volga Basin. The family includes four genera: Bohemannia Stainton, 1859 (1 species), Ectoedemia Busck, 1907 (15), Stigmella Schrank, 1802 (38), and Trifurcula Zeller, 1848 (3 species). The mines made by pigmy moth larvae are very specific in the study area. Larvae of the largest genus, Stigmella, make typical serpentine leaf mines. Larvae of the genera Bohemannia and Ectoedemia make blotchy mines; some larvae develop in fruits and tree bark. Most species of the genera Bohemannia, Ectoedemia, and Stigmella were recorded by their mines. At the larval stage, representatives of Trifurcula feed on stems of legumes. The pupae develop in the soil. Most species in the family Nepticulidae are leaf miners, mainly associated with Rosaceae (34.7%), Salicaceae (15.8%), Fagaceae (12.3%), and Betulaceae (12.3%). All the species investigated do not act as pests of forage plants in the area studied.

Alternate Journal:Entmol. Rev.
Taxonomic name: 
Bohemannia pulverosella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia albifasciella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia arcuatella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia argyropeza (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia atricollis (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia hannoverella (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia liebwerdella (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia longicaudella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia occultella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia rubivora (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria septembrella (Nepticuloidea), Etainia sericopeza (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia spinosella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia subbimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia turbidella (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria weaveri (Nepticuloidea), Nepticulidae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella aceris (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella aeneofasciella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella assimilella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella basiguttella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella betulicola (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella catharticella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella floslactella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella freyella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella glutinosae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella hybnerella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella incognitella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella lapponica (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella lemniscella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella lonicerarum (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella luteella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella magdalenae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella malella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella microtheriella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella naturnella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella nivenburgensis (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella nylandriella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella obliquella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella oxyacanthella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella paradoxa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella perpygmaeella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella plagicolella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella prunetorum (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella roborella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella rolandi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella salicis (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella samiatella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella sorbi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella splendidissimella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella thuringiaca (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella tiliae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella trimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella zelleriella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula chamaecytisi (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula pallidella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula silviae (Nepticuloidea)
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