Pseudopostega cyrneochalcopepla n. sp., Monochroa cyrneogonella n. sp., Syncopacma cinctelloides n. sp., espèces nouvelles découvertes en Corse (Lep. Opostegidae, Gelechiidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:J. Nel, Varenne T.
Date Published:2012-03
Keywords:Corsica, France, Lepidoptera, Opostegidae, Pseudopostega chalcopepla, Pseudopostega cyrneochalcopepla

Three new species to Corsica, Pseudopostega cyrneochalcopepla n. sp. (Opostegidae), Monochroa cyrneogonella n. sp. and Syncopacma cinctelloides n. sp. (Gelechiidae), are described.

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