Replacement names for some Microlepidoptera (Lepidoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:A. Ö. Koçak, Kemal M.
Journal:Miscellaneous Papers Centre for Entomological Studies
Date Published:2007-01-08
ISBN Number:1015-8235
Accession Number:14308051930
Keywords:Fomoria, Laqueus, Lepidoptera, Muhabbetana, Nepticulidae, New genus

This article deals with the nomenclature of Laqueus Scoble, 1983 (Nepticulidae) from South Africa, Holcoceroides Sinev,1986 (Blastobasidae), Ursina Sinev,1988 (0ecophoridae) from East Asia, and Notesia Yamanaka,1992 (Pyralidae) from Taiwan and Papua New Guinea. Four replacement names are proposed for the pre-occupied names in accordance with the ICZN.

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