A review and check list of the Neotropical Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:R. Puplesis, Diškus, A., Robinson, G. S., Onore, G.
Journal:Bulletin of the Natural History Museum London. Entomology
Date Published:2002-06-27
Keywords:Acalyptris latipennata, Acalyptris latipennata group, checklist, Ectoedemia fuscivittata, Ecuador, Enteucha basidactyla, Fomoria latipennata, Fomoria molybditis group, hostplant data, Lepidoptera, Manoneura basidactyla, Mexico, Neotropics, Nepticulidae, New record, Stigmella barbata group, Stigmella tiliella group, USA

Fieldwork in 2000-2001 has added substantially to our knowledge of the Nepticulidae of the upper Amazon basin and the Andes and increased the number of species known from the Neotropical Region from 58 to 74. Two species - Manoneura basidactyla (Davis) and Ectoedemia fuscivittata Puplesis & Robinson -are recorded from equatorial America for the first time here and are redescribed, with amplified descriptions and illustrations. A revised checklist of the Neotropical Nepticulidae is given together with an updated distribution map for Central and Southern America. Fomoria latipennata Puplesis & Robinson is transferred to Acalyptris, comb. n. Four new species groups (Stigmella tiliella-group, S. barbata-group, Fomoria molybditis-group and Acalyptris latipennata-group) are defined. Hostplant data are reviewed and further hostplant genera from which mines or cocoons have been collected are noted. The diversity and distribution of the Neotropical Nepticulidae are discussed.

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