Fund af småsommerfugle fra Danmark i 2011 (Lepidoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:O. Buhl, Falck, P., Karsholt, O., Larsen, K., Vilhelmsen, F.
Journal:Entomologiske Meddelelser
Date Published:2012-12
Keywords:Denmark, Ectoedemia decentella, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, Stigmella minusculella

This article reports and comments on interesting Danish Microlepidopteracollected in 2011 and include remarkable findings from previous years. Theclassification and nomenclature follow the new Danish checklist (Karsholt &Stadel Nielsen, in press).Ten species are reported as new to the Danish fauna, most of them collectedin light traps, especially in the island of Bornholm: 1) Agonopterix bipunctosa(Curtis, 1850)(Depressariidae) and 2) Monochroa sepicolella (Herrich-Schäffer,1854)(Gelechiidae): one specimen of each in light traps in Bornholm; 3) Phalonidiaudana (Guenée, 1845)(Tortricidae), which has been shown to be distinctfrom P. manniana (FR.), seems to be widely distributed in Denmark; 4)Aethes fennicana (Hering, 1924)(Tortricidae): three specimens were collectedin a light trap in the island of Lolland; 5) Epinotia cinereana (Haworth, 1811)(Tortricidae), which has been shown to be distinct from E. nisella (Cl.), hasbeen found in several districts but is much rarer than the latter; 6) Wockiaasperipunctella (Bruand, 1851)(Urodidae) is recorded from one specimenfound in Bornholm in 1984; 7) Sciota fumella (Eversmann, 1844)(Pyralidae)was found in 10 specimens collected in light traps in Bornholm during the firstweek of July, together with one specimen of 8) Sciota lucipetella (Jalava, 1978)(Pyralidae); 9) Ephestia unicolorella Staudinger, 1881 (Pyralidae): one specimenwas collected in a light trap in western Jutland, and 10) Pseudobissetia terrestrellus(Christoph, 1885)(Crambidae): one specimen of this southern species wascollected in a light trap south of Copenhagen in the same night (3th July) asthe two above mentioned Sciota species. We moreover record an imported species,Zelleria oleastrella (Millière, 1864)(Yponomeutidae), which has not earlierbeen found in Denmark.The Oegoconia species, which in previous lists was dealt with as O. caradjaiPopescu-Gorj & Căpuşe, 1965, has turned out to be O. novimundi Busck, 1915.We can moreover report findings of larvae of Yponomeuta irrorella (Hb.) onMalus, where larvae occurred singly and apart from nests of other Yponomeutaspecies.The total number of Danish Depresariidae is now 46, Gelechiidae 178, Tortricidae387, Urodidae 1, Pyralidae 78 and Crambidae 123. This results in a totalof 1584 species of Microlepidoptera found in Denmark. The total amountof Macrolepidoptera recorded from Denmark is now 967, bringing the numberof Danish Lepidoptera to a total of 2551 species. There are moreover 10species on the so-called observation list, containing species of uncertain status,which was erected in 2009.

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