Acalyptris Meyrick: revision of the platani and staticis groups in Europe and the Mediterranean (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:E. J. van Nieukerken
Date Published:2007-03-29
Keywords:Acalyptris lesbia, Acalyptris limoniastri, Acalyptris limonii, Acalyptris loranthella, Acalyptris maritima, Acalyptris minimella, Acalyptris pistaciae, Acalyptris platani, Acalyptris pyrenaica, Acalyptris staticis, Algeria, Anacardiaceae, Braconidae, Canary islands, CO1, Cyprus, DNA-barcodes, Eulophidae, Europe, Greece, hostplants, Hymenoptera, larval morphology, Lepidoptera, Loranthaceae, Nepticulidae, New species, Palaearctic, phylogeny, Platanaceae, Plumbaginaceae, pupal morphology, Taxonomy, Tunisia, Turkey

The European and Mediterranean species of the Acalyptris platani and A. staticis groups are revised, with respectivelyfour and six species. Three new species are described: A. pistaciae Van Nieukerken sp. n. (from Greece, Cyprus and Turkey,on Pistacia) in the platani group, A. limoniastri Van Nieukerken sp. n. (from Algeria and Tunisia, associated withLimoniastrum) and A. lesbia Van Nieukerken & Hull sp. n. (from Greece: Lesvos, on Limonium gmelini) in the staticisgroup. Lectotypes are selected for A. minimella (Rebel, 1924) and A. staticis (Walsingham, 1908). The European speciesof the A. platani group are leafminers on Anacardiaceae, Platanaceae and Loranthaceae, the species of the A. staticisgroup feed on Plumbaginaceae, except A. pyrenaica A. & Z. Laštůvka, for which the host is unknown, but likely tobelong to another family. Immatures are described for five species, final instar larvae and pupal exuviae for all species inthe A. platani group and for A. lesbia. Larvae and pupae of the latter species differ markedly from the A. platani group.Recorded parasitoids are listed. CO1 barcodes are provided for seven species. The groups are phylogenetically not veryclose; the monophyly of Acalyptris and the phylogeny on the basis of CO1 (mt-DNA) sequences are discussed.

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