A taxonomic revision of the North American species of Stigmella (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1982
Authors:P. J. Newton, Wilkinson C.
Journal:Systematic Entomology
Date Published:1982-
Keywords:Canada, Lepidoptera, Nearctic, Nepticula apicialbella, Nepticula argentifasciella, Nepticula belfrageella, Nepticula bifasciella, Nepticula ceanothi, Nepticula cerea, Nepticula condaliafoliella, Nepticula diffasciae, Nepticula fuscocapitella, Nepticula gossypii, Nepticula latifasciella, Nepticula nigriverticella, Nepticula pallida, Nepticula prunifoliella, Nepticula purpuratella, Nepticula quercicastanella, Nepticula resplendensella, Nepticula rhamnicola, Nepticula rhoifoliella, Nepticula serotinaeella, Nepticula taeniola, Nepticula terminella, Nepticula tiliella, Nepticula unifasciella, Nepticula villosella, Nepticulidae, North America, Stigmella, Stigmella alba, Stigmella altella, Stigmella amelanchierella, Stigmella apicialbella, Stigmella argentifasciella, Stigmella aromella, Stigmella belfrageella, Stigmella braunella, Stigmella caryaefoliella, Stigmella castaneaefoliella, Stigmella ceanothi, Stigmella centifoliella, Stigmella cerea, Stigmella chalybeia, Stigmella condaliafoliella, Stigmella corylifoliella, Stigmella corylifoliella group, Stigmella crataegifoliella, Stigmella crataegifoliella group, Stigmella diffasciae, Stigmella exasperata, Stigmella flavipedella, Stigmella fuscotibiella, Stigmella fuscotibiella group, Stigmella gossypii, Stigmella heteromelis, Stigmella inconspicuella, Stigmella intermedia, Stigmella juglandifoliella, Stigmella latifasciella, Stigmella longisacca, Stigmella macrocarpae, Stigmella minimella, Stigmella minusculella, Stigmella myricafoliella, Stigmella nigriverticella, Stigmella obscurella, Stigmella opulifoliella, Stigmella ostryaefoliella, Stigmella pallida, Stigmella paludicola, Stigmella pectocatena, Stigmella plumosetaeella, Stigmella pomivorella, Stigmella populetorum, Stigmella procrastinella, Stigmella procrastinella group, Stigmella prunifoliella, Stigmella prunifoliella group, Stigmella purpuratella, Stigmella quercipulchella, Stigmella resplendensella, Stigmella rhamnicola, Stigmella rhoifoliella, Stigmella rosaefoliella, Stigmella rosaefoliella group, Stigmella saginella, Stigmella saginella group, Stigmella scinanella, Stigmella scintillans, Stigmella sclerostylota, Stigmella slingerlandella, Stigmella stigmaciella, Stigmella taeniola, Stigmella tiliella, Stigmella unifasciella, Stigmella variella, Stigmella villosella, Stigmella virginiella, Taxonomy, United States, USA

ABSTRACT. A revision of the fifty-one species of the genus Stigmella from North America is presented. Thirty-one species are recorded only from the U.S.A., seventeen species and one subspecies from the U.S.A. and Canada and three species and one subspecies are known only from Canada. Five species are new: Stigmella inconspicuella (U.S.A., California); S. heteromelis (California); S. sclerostylota (Arkansas); S. longisacca (California) and S. plumosetaeella (Arizona). Life histories, mine characteristics and larval habits are given where known. These are collated from field study, material examined, breeding records and the literature. A list of host plants is also provided. A neotype is designated for Nepticula prunifoliella Clemens, previously considered to be possibly dipterous. Although most Stigmella species have different genital morphology, some pairs of species do not. In these pairs, however, external features and characteristics of the mine often differ - some pairs also differ in distribution or season. The taxonomic implications are discussed in the individual treatments - not all the problems, however, can be resolved without further rearing studies and collection. Species-groups have been designated on the basis of morphology. Some species are, however, structurally intermediate between species-groups and others may resemble Ectoedemia Busck in aspects of the male genitalia while their female genitalia, external features and venation are typical of Stigmella.

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