Western Palaearctic Ectoedemia (Zimmermannia) Hering and Ectoedemia Busck s. str. (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae): five new species and new data on distribution, hostplants and recognition

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:E. J. van Nieukerken, Laštůvka, A., Laštůvka, Z.
Date Published:2010-01-09
Keywords:Ectoedemia, Ectoedemia aegilopidella, Ectoedemia agrimoniae, Ectoedemia albida, Ectoedemia albifasciella, Ectoedemia algeriensis, Ectoedemia alnifoliae, Ectoedemia amani, Ectoedemia andalusiae, Ectoedemia angulifasciella, Ectoedemia arcuatella, Ectoedemia argyropeza, Ectoedemia atricollis, Ectoedemia atrifrontella, Ectoedemia caradjai, Ectoedemia cerris, Ectoedemia contorta, Ectoedemia coscoja, Ectoedemia erythrogenella, Ectoedemia gilvipennella, Ectoedemia hannoverella, Ectoedemia haraldi, Ectoedemia heckfordi, Ectoedemia hendrikseni, Ectoedemia heringella, Ectoedemia heringi, Ectoedemia hexapetalae, Ectoedemia hispanica, Ectoedemia ilicis, Ectoedemia intimella, Ectoedemia klimeschi, Ectoedemia leucothorax, Ectoedemia liebwerdella, Ectoedemia liechtensteini, Ectoedemia liguricella, Ectoedemia longicaudella, Ectoedemia mahalebella, Ectoedemia minimella, Ectoedemia monemvasiae, Ectoedemia occultella, Ectoedemia phaeolepis, Ectoedemia phyllotomella, Ectoedemia preisseckeri, Ectoedemia pseudoilicis, Ectoedemia pubescivora, Ectoedemia quinquella, Ectoedemia reichli, Ectoedemia rubivora, Ectoedemia rufifrontella, Ectoedemia similigena, Ectoedemia spinosella, Ectoedemia spiraeae, Ectoedemia subbimaculella, Ectoedemia suberis, Ectoedemia terebinthivora, Ectoedemia turbidella, Ectoedemia vivesi, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, Zimmermannia

The nine western Palaearctic species of the subgenus Zimmermannia Hering, 1940 and 48 species in the subgenus Ectoedemia Busck, 1907 of the genus Ectoedemia are reviewed. One species in the subgenus Zimmermannia and four species in the subgenus Ectoedemia are described as new: Ectoedemia (Zimmermannia) vivesi A. Laštůvka, Z. Laštůvka & Van Nieukerken sp. n. from southern Spain and Cyprus with unknown host plant, Ectoedemia (E.) hendrikseni A. Laštůvka, Z. Laštůvka & Van Nieukerken sp. n. from southern France on Quercus suber, E. (E.) heckfordi Van Nieukerken, A. Laštůvka & Z. Laštůvka sp. n. from southern England on Quercus petraea and Q. robur, E. (E.) phaeolepis Van Nieukerken, A. Laštůvka & Z. Laštůvka sp. n. from Spain and Portugal probably on Quercus ilex and Q. rotundifolia and E. (E.) coscoja Van Nieukerken, A. Laštůvka & Z. Laštůvka sp. n. from Spain on Quercus coccifera. The following species are redescribed: Ectoedemia (Zimmermannia) hispanica Van Nieukerken, Ectoedemia (Zimmermannia) reichli Z. & A. Laštůvka, 1998, Ectoedemia (E.) algeriensis van Nieukerken, 1985, E. (E.) pseudoilicis Z. & A. Laštůvka, 1998 and E. (E.) alnifoliae van Nieukerken, 1985. Ectoedemia albiformae Puplesis & Diškus, 2003 is synonymised with E. spinosella (Joannis, 1908). Ectoedemia jacutica Puplesis, 1988, previously synonymised with E. agrimoniae (Frey, 1858), is here synonymised with E. spiraeae Gregor & Povolný, 1983. Updated keys to the subgenus Zimmermannia and the Quercus feeding Ectoedemia are provided.

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