Lepidoptera of Continental Portugal: a fully revised list

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:M. F. V. Corley
Number of Pages:vi + 282
ISBN Number:9780993316005
Keywords:Acalyptris minimella, Acalyptris platani, Country checklist, Ectoedemia albifasciella, Ectoedemia andalusiae, Ectoedemia atrifrontella, Ectoedemia caradjai, Ectoedemia erythrogenella, Ectoedemia haraldi, Ectoedemia heringi, Ectoedemia hispanica, Ectoedemia ilicis, Ectoedemia liebwerdella, Ectoedemia liguricella, Ectoedemia longicaudella, Ectoedemia occultella, Ectoedemia phaeolepis, Ectoedemia pubescivora, Ectoedemia quinquella, Ectoedemia septembrella, Ectoedemia subbimaculella, Ectoedemia suberis, Lepidoptera, Opostega salaciella, Opostega spatulella, Opostegoides menthinella, Parafomoria cistivora, Parafomoria halimivora, Parafomoria ladaniphila, Parafomoria liguricella, Parafomoria pseudocistivora, Parafomoria tingitella, Portugal, Pseudopostega chalcopepla, Pseudopostega crepusculella, Simplimorpha promissa, Stigmella alaternella, Stigmella alnetella, Stigmella anomalella, Stigmella atricapitella, Stigmella aurella, Stigmella auromarginella, Stigmella basiguttella, Stigmella catharticella, Stigmella centifoliella, Stigmella crataegella, Stigmella crenulatae, Stigmella dorsiguttella, Stigmella eberhardi, Stigmella glutinosae, Stigmella hybnerella, Stigmella ilicifoliella, Stigmella incognitella, Stigmella lapponica, Stigmella malella, Stigmella microtheriella, Stigmella minusculella, Stigmella obliquella, Stigmella oxyacanthella, Stigmella paradoxa, Stigmella perpygmaeella, Stigmella plagicolella, Stigmella rhamnella, Stigmella rhamnophila, Stigmella rolandi, Stigmella sakhalinella, Stigmella salicis, Stigmella samiatella, Stigmella speciosa, Stigmella suberivora, Stigmella trimaculella, Stigmella ulmivora, Trifurcula bupleurella, Trifurcula chretieni, Trifurcula corleyi, Trifurcula cryptella, Trifurcula eurema, Trifurcula immundella, Trifurcula orientella, Trifurcula ortneri, Trifurcula rosmarinella, Trifurcula squamatella, Trifurcula stoechadella, Trifurcula thymi

Up to the present, all lists of Portuguese Lepidoptera have been a chaotic mixture of genuine records and misidentifications together with errors of omission and inclusion, with no means of distinguishing good from bad. In this book the source data for the first published record is given for each of the 2588 accepted Portuguese species. There is also a list of 398 rejected species. Basic distribution data is given for every species, together with flight times and food plant information where known. The list is the result of 25 years of investigation of the Portuguese Lepidoptera by the author, involving field work in many parts of the country, together with study of all relevant literature and examination of recent and historic collections. The list should provide a firm foundation for future work on all aspects of the biology and conservation of Portuguese Lepidoptera and allow the publication of identification handbooks. Colour photographs of some characteristic habitats.

Taxonomic name: 
Acalyptris minimella (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris platani (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia albifasciella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia andalusiae (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia atrifrontella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia caradjai (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia erythrogenella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia haraldi (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia heringi (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia hispanica (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia ilicis (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia liebwerdella (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia liguricella (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia longicaudella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia occultella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia phaeolepis (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia pubescivora (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia quinquella (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria septembrella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia subbimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia suberis (Nepticuloidea), Opostega salaciella (Nepticuloidea), Opostega spatulella (Nepticuloidea), Opostegoides menthinella (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria cistivora (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria halimivora (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria ladaniphila (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria liguricella (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria pseudocistivora (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria tingitella (Nepticuloidea), Pseudopostega chalcopepla (Nepticuloidea), Pseudopostega crepusculella (Nepticuloidea), Simplimorpha promissa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella alaternella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella alnetella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella anomalella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella atricapitella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella aurella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella auromarginella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella basiguttella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella catharticella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella centifoliella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella crataegella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella crenulatae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella dorsiguttella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella eberhardi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella glutinosae (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella hybnerella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella ilicifoliella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella incognitella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella lapponica (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella malella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella microtheriella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella minusculella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella obliquella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella oxyacanthella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella paradoxa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella perpygmaeella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella plagicolella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella rhamnella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella rhamnophila (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella rolandi (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella sakhalinella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella salicis (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella samiatella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella speciosa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella suberivora (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella trimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella ulmivora (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis bupleurella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis chretieni (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis corleyi (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula cryptella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula eurema (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula immundella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula orientella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula ortneri (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis rosmarinella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula squamatella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis stoechadella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis thymi (Nepticuloidea)
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