Discovery of male Ectoedemia argyropeza (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae) in south-west Ireland

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1987
Authors:K. G. M. Bond, van Nieukerken E. J.
Journal:Entomologist's Gazette
Date Published:1987-11-13
Keywords:Ectoedemia, Ectoedemia argyropeza, Ireland, Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae, parthenogenetic

The nepticulid moth Ectoedemia argyropeza (Zeller, 1839) is reported to be the only Ectoedemia species with parthenogenetic reproduction (Emmet, 1976; Wilkinson & Newton, 1981; Van Nieukerken, 1985). Male genitalia of E. argyropeza illustrated by Beirne (1945) have been shown to refer to E. albifasciella (Heinemann), while males reported and illustrated by Petersen (1930) were previously considered to be misidentifications of E. klimeschi (Skala) (Van Nieukerken, 1985). In this paper we record the discovery of males of E. argyropeza and present a description and diagnosis of the male, which completes the treatment of this species by Van Nieukerken (1985).

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