Systematics and phylogeny of Holarctic genera of Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera, Heteroneura: Monotrysia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1986
Authors:E. J. van Nieukerken
Journal:Zoologische Verhandelingen
Date Published:1986-12-31
Keywords:Acalyptris, Acalyptris bicornutus, Acalyptris bipinnatellus, Acalyptris minimella, Acalyptris pistaciae, Acalyptris platani, Acalyptris psammophricta, Biology, Bohemannia, Bohemannia auriciliella, Bohemannia pulverosella, Bohemannia quadrimaculella, China, Ectoedemia, Ectoedemia ( Etainia), Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia), Ectoedemia (Fomoria), Ectoedemia (Zimmermannia), Ectoedemia albibimaculella, Ectoedemia albifasciella, Ectoedemia decentella, Ectoedemia euphorbiella, Ectoedemia grandinosa, Ectoedemia groschkei, Ectoedemia heringella, Ectoedemia hypericifoliella, Ectoedemia liebwerdella, Ectoedemia nigrifasciata, Ectoedemia ochrefasciella, Ectoedemia permira, Ectoedemia populella, Ectoedemia septembrella, Ectoedemia sericopeza, Ectoedemia subbimaculella, Ectoedemia turbidella, Ectoedemia vincamajorella, Ectoedemia viridissimella, Ectoedemia weaveri, Enteucha, Enteucha acetosae, Enteucha basidactyla, Enteucha cyanochlora, Enteucha gilvafascia, Etainia, Europe, Fomoria, glaucolepis, Host-plants, Japan, Lepidoptera, Levarchama, Nepal, Nepticulidae, Nepticulini, Opostegidae, Parafomoria, Parafomoria helianthemella, Parafomoria pseudocistivora, Pectinivalva, Pseudopostega auritella, Simplimorpha, Simplimorpha lanceifoliella, Simplimorpha promissa, Stigmella, Stigmella anomalella, Stigmella atricapitella, Stigmella aurella, Stigmella hybnerella, Stigmella malella, Stigmella naturnella, Stigmella suberivora, Stigmella tityrella, Stigmella zelleriella, Trifurcula, Trifurcula (Glaucolepis), Trifurcula (Levarchama), Trifurcula (Trifurcula), Trifurcula anthyllidella, Trifurcula beirnei, Trifurcula bleonella, Trifurcula cryptella, Trifurcula eurema, Trifurcula headleyella, Trifurcula immundella, Trifurcula pallidella, Trifurcula rosmarinella, Trifurcula saccharella, Trifurcula sanctaecrucis, Trifurcula saturejae, Trifurcula squamatella, Trifurcula stoechadella, Zimmermannia

A revised classification of the Holarctic genera of Nepticulidae is provided. Eight genera belonging to the nominal subfamily are recognised and redefined. They are Enteucha Meyrick (= Johanssonia Borkowski, Artaversala Davis, Oligoneura Davis), Stigmella Schrank (including Astigmella Puplesis), Simplimorpha Scoble in the Nepticulini and Acalyptris Meyrick ( = Microcalyptris Braun, Niepeltia Strand), Trifurcula Zeller, Parafomoria Van Nieukerken, Bohemannia Stainton and Ectoedemia Busck in the Trifurculini. Trifurcula is divided into the subgenera Glaucolepis Braun (= Fedalmia Beirne), Levarchama Beirne and Trifurcula s.str. Ectoedemia is divided into the subgenera Etainia Beirne, Fomoria Beirne, Laqueus Scoble, Zimmermannia Hering and Ectoedemia s.str. The genera and subgenera are (re)described and data on biology and distribution are given. The species Simplimorpha promissa (Staudinger) and Acalyptris psammophricta Meyrick are redescribed. A phylogeny of the family in cladistic sense is presented and discussed. The monophyly of Ectoedemia is uncertain, and monophyly of the subgenus Fomoria could not be demonstrated. Current opinions about the phylogenetic position of the Nepticulidae and the division of the Heteroneura are reviewed and discussed. The biogeography and hostplant relationships of the family are reviewed.

Taxonomic name: 
Acalyptris (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris bicornutus (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris bipinnatellus (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris minimella (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris pistaciae (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris platani (Nepticuloidea), Acalyptris psammophricta (Nepticuloidea), Bohemannia (Nepticuloidea), Bohemannia auriciliella (Nepticuloidea), Bohemannia pulverosella (Nepticuloidea), Bohemannia quadrimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia (Nepticuloidea), Etainia albibimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia albifasciella (Nepticuloidea), Etainia decentella (Nepticuloidea), Muhabbetana euphorbiella (Nepticuloidea), Muhabbetana grandinosa (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria groschkei (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia heringella (Nepticuloidea), Zimmermannia liebwerdella (Nepticuloidea), Muhabbetana nigrifasciata (Nepticuloidea), Etainia ochrefasciella (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria permira (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia populella (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria septembrella (Nepticuloidea), Etainia sericopeza (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia subbimaculella (Nepticuloidea), Ectoedemia turbidella (Nepticuloidea), Muhabbetana vincamajorella (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria viridissimella (Nepticuloidea), Fomoria weaveri (Nepticuloidea), Enteucha (Nepticuloidea), Enteucha acetosae (Nepticuloidea), Enteucha basidactyla (Nepticuloidea), Enteucha cyanochlora (Nepticuloidea), Enteucha gilvafascia (Nepticuloidea), Nepticulidae (Nepticuloidea), Nepticulini (Nepticuloidea), Opostegidae (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria helianthemella (Nepticuloidea), Parafomoria pseudocistivora (Nepticuloidea), Pectinivalva (Nepticuloidea), Pseudopostega auritella (Nepticuloidea), Simplimorpha (Nepticuloidea), Simplimorpha lanceifoliella (Nepticuloidea), Simplimorpha promissa (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella anomalella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella atricapitella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella aurella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella hybnerella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella malella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella naturnella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella suberivora (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella tityrella (Nepticuloidea), Stigmella zelleriella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula anthyllidella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula beirnei (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis bleonella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula cryptella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula eurema (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis headleyella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula immundella (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula pallidella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis rosmarinella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis saccharella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis sanctaecrucis (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula saturejae (Nepticuloidea), Trifurcula squamatella (Nepticuloidea), Glaucolepis stoechadella (Nepticuloidea)
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